diumenge, 8 de febrer de 2009

Mobile phone terms

Today, it's been a cleaning day. I've tidied up my english notebooks and surprisingly, I've found a big list of mobile phone terms: abbreviations for writing faster and with less letters. It's an amazing slang! That makes me think that language is constantly changing.

So, let me show you some examples!
I'm going to organize the list in different levels:

LEVEL 1 (easy to guess it!)
ASAP : as soon as possible.
COZ: because.
DA: day.
EZ: easy.
H8: hate.
L8: late.
LV: love.
PLS: please.
NE: any.
M8: mate (friend)
Y: Why?
B: be

LEVEL 2. A bit more difficult! Go ahead!
NP: no problem!
PAW: parents are wathcing.
PPL: people.
SUM: someone.
TMB: text me back.
2MORO: tomorrow.
2nite: tonight.
RU: Are you?

LEVEL 3. That could be hard!
TTYL: talk to you later.
TYUM: Thank you very much.
WUD: What are you doing?
IyQ: I like you!
IM2GUD4U: I'm too good for you.
WYGOWM: Will you go out?
URA: You are a star! (this is impossible to guess!)

And what is the meaning of SMS? Do you know it?
Short Message Service!!!

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Virginia ha dit...

Thanks for sharing this list with us! It can be useful for those who want to communicate in English. Well done!

Observe my comments:

-Today, IT'S been a cleaning day
OR -Today, I've been (0)cleaning(0).
-language is CONSTANTLY changing (0).
-let ME SHOW YOU some examples!
I'm going to organize THE LIST in different levels

Rip Van Winkle ha dit...

Hi Sandy!

To me, a mobile phone is something from another planet. Imagine tryong to learn the language to use it. It is too much I think!

Carpe Noctum!

Blue moon ha dit...

Oh, I really like this post!! I find it interesting and very funny, so thank you!