divendres, 26 de juny de 2009

Hello everybody!

First of all, I've to say I'm sorry for my delay. I haven't had enought time for writing something presentable after the loving Nuria's post. But when I went to the Nuria's party yesterday, I felt that I really had to write something to her, here, in the blog. I had to thank another time all the things she has done for me this year.
As Nuria says, obviously I've to say that formation has been the motor of my life too. I have known a few really special teachers that at last, they have become very meaningful for me. I took them as a model. I've found that two funny teachers in high school, two powerful woman: the hyperactive physics teacher and passionate literature teacher. Besides, I've found the freaky piano teacher in the universtity. But however, I've never been homaged by any teacher, until yesterday in Nuria's party, a party in honor of her.
Nuria posted a great post talking about this year a week ago, and made me feel special another time. Nuria read a poem writed by me in front of tens of people yesterday. Nuria talks about me many times.Of course, I'm not this person, the person she thinks I am.
Although I want to clap her help, her incredible academic memories, her present, (you have to know she writes very well in catalan too) and her enviable vitality.

Thanks Nuria!

dimecres, 27 de maig de 2009

Look at me

Odilon Redon, a French painter, was an individualist who believed in the superiority of the imagination over observation of nature, rejected the Realism and Impressionism of his contemporaries in favor of a more personal artistic vision. He shared the same enthusiasm for the fantastic as the Symbolist movement did. He believed in the mystical, and sublime forces found beneath the surface of everyday life. Using nature as his starting point, Redon imagined new worlds through his enigmatic creations, such as this lithograph called The Eye Like a Strange Balloon Mounts Toward Infinity (1882). I love it!

dijous, 30 d’abril de 2009

Hansel and Gretel

"In my english classes at Stuyvesant High School the students agree that nothing on television or out of Hollywood could equal in violence and horror, the story of Hansel and Gretel. How can we subject children to the story of some asshole of a father who is so dominated by his new wife he's willing to lose his kids in the woods and let them starve to death? How can we tell children how Hansel and Gretel were locked up by that witch who wanted to fatted and cook them? And is there anything more horrible than the scene where they push her into the fire?"
page 257

In my new english book, appears a curious reflection about this tale. I wouldn't never say that...I've always thought that the witch's house could be my own heaven...I'm so sweet tooth!

dimecres, 29 d’abril de 2009

Stop motion

I saw this video on youtube. It's so elaborate. It is made with an animation technique called "stop motion". It consists of making an illusion: objects seem to move on its own. However, the objects are moved in small periods of time between individually photographed frames, creating illusion of movement when the series of frames are played as a continuos sequence.

Saint George's Day

Let's talk about the best day in the year: Saint George's Day!
For me, it's the most beautiful tradition that we celebrate in our culture. I think is a magic date because the streets fill up with culture and gorgeous red flowers.
The rose has always been valued for its beauty and has a long history of symbolism. The ancient Greeks and Romans identified the rose with their goddesses of love: Aphrodite (Venus). Besides, Christians identified the five petals of the rose with the five wounds of Christ and it was adopted as a symbol of the blood of the Christian martyrs too... Anyway, it's so perfect!

Above all, it's an explosion of inspiration. How many writings are created when this tradition arrives? This year, I've the honor to work in a book shop...it's crazy but really worthy! Everybody has to read something this day, everybody wants to discover a new book... people look for new stories, new adventures,... only for one day, most of the people believe in the reading's magic.

About the meaning of the word "art"

I've read in my new english book this paragraph that makes me think a lot:

"There was one scene he painted over and over on cavases of various sizes: a group of women in bright pastel head scarves and long flowing silky dresses stood on a beach looking out the sea. I asked him if someone had drowned or were they waiting for something? He shook his head. He didn't know. How could he? He had just put those women there and he wasn't going to interfere with them. That's what he disliked about certain artists and writers. They interfered and pointed to everything as if you couldn't see or read for yourself. Not Van Gogh. Look at Van Gogh."

Just think about it... Don't worry about the meaning of a poem, or a painting, or a writing,... Even the artist won't know that. However, when you saw this painting, when you read this piece of writing...something happened in your head, in your body. If you feel something, I think this creation could be a real work of art. What's art? I can't say it yet. Why? It is a huge word, with a lot of concepts in it. I think art it's a mistery and we have to explore his ways, everything...for understanding it.

dissabte, 25 d’abril de 2009

Uncanny story

I'm so sorry but I don't know an uncanny story. I've never like to think in this kind of things because I'm a really frightened person.
So, solution! I've surfed on the Net and I've found a book: "Thirteen Uncanny Stories" by Hans Henny Jahnn. Take a look at this blog!