divendres, 26 de juny de 2009

Hello everybody!

First of all, I've to say I'm sorry for my delay. I haven't had enought time for writing something presentable after the loving Nuria's post. But when I went to the Nuria's party yesterday, I felt that I really had to write something to her, here, in the blog. I had to thank another time all the things she has done for me this year.
As Nuria says, obviously I've to say that formation has been the motor of my life too. I have known a few really special teachers that at last, they have become very meaningful for me. I took them as a model. I've found that two funny teachers in high school, two powerful woman: the hyperactive physics teacher and passionate literature teacher. Besides, I've found the freaky piano teacher in the universtity. But however, I've never been homaged by any teacher, until yesterday in Nuria's party, a party in honor of her.
Nuria posted a great post talking about this year a week ago, and made me feel special another time. Nuria read a poem writed by me in front of tens of people yesterday. Nuria talks about me many times.Of course, I'm not this person, the person she thinks I am.
Although I want to clap her help, her incredible academic memories, her present, (you have to know she writes very well in catalan too) and her enviable vitality.

Thanks Nuria!

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Virginia ha dit...

My dearest "Sand" or Laia, as you wish. You are a fast reader! Relax! just let your feelings guide you. Do not question whether you are good enough or not. Just be! Where there's a will, there's a way! I can grasp your will, just find your way. I was delighted with your writings, with your art observations, just having you sitting on that fist class row!! What a wonderful year!
Please, keep in touch!

Harlequin ha dit...

Hi Sand in my shoes!

I don’t know if you keep checking your blog, so I don’t know if you’ll see this comment.

I’ve been reading your blog. I think you did a really great work. And I think that’s the best present you could give to Núria.

I was surprised and glad because you quote me, what an honour! Thank you for your words.

You should keep writing on this blog. I’m not the best example to follow, because I don’t do it as frequent as I’d like. But if you like writing in English, you should.

By the way, I like Dido too and, by chance, I’ve rediscovered this song recently (do you know when you listen to a song and you find something special you haven’t realized before?).

Congratulations and thank you!

Harlequin ha dit...

Ok, I'll have a look at your catalan blog! Let's see if it helps me to introduce a bit of art in my blog :)

See you!