dimecres, 29 d’abril de 2009

About the meaning of the word "art"

I've read in my new english book this paragraph that makes me think a lot:

"There was one scene he painted over and over on cavases of various sizes: a group of women in bright pastel head scarves and long flowing silky dresses stood on a beach looking out the sea. I asked him if someone had drowned or were they waiting for something? He shook his head. He didn't know. How could he? He had just put those women there and he wasn't going to interfere with them. That's what he disliked about certain artists and writers. They interfered and pointed to everything as if you couldn't see or read for yourself. Not Van Gogh. Look at Van Gogh."

Just think about it... Don't worry about the meaning of a poem, or a painting, or a writing,... Even the artist won't know that. However, when you saw this painting, when you read this piece of writing...something happened in your head, in your body. If you feel something, I think this creation could be a real work of art. What's art? I can't say it yet. Why? It is a huge word, with a lot of concepts in it. I think art it's a mistery and we have to explore his ways, everything...for understanding it.

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iron maiden ha dit...

An interesting reflection. For me art is everything that makes you feel something, it doesn't have to be necessarily a good feeling. It can make you feel sad, melancholy, violent ...