dimarts, 30 de setembre de 2008



This is my new English Blog! However it's also my 4th blog, That's funny. I expect that you'll enjoy it!

I'm going to introduce myself. -I'm a 19 year old girl who hasn't found her way yet. Maybe you can think that I'm exaggerating. Maybe it is but in my view, when you're young you have to ask yourself lots of questions. And that's what I'm going to do this year, it doesn't matter if I will do it in another language..

Let's talk about my hobbies and all the things I can't bear.I love surfing on the net and specially, writing on my own page. -I would like to encourage my partners to write posts often and to writecomments to each other. Moreover, I like listening to music. The title of my blog is from a song of a singer called Dido. I will recommend his song to you, is very melodic. The chorus says:

've still got sand in my shoes

And I can't shake the thought of you
I shake it all, forget you
Why, why would I want to

I know we said goodbye

Anything else would've been confused but I wanna see you again

However, I hate playing any kind of sport. I'm so lazy in this thing.

On the other hand,I've done my homeworks. I've been reading some posts of the student's blogs. Specially, I like the presentation of Harlequin's blog. It's really poetic. He talks about his character with a really nice description:
"Not so funny as clowns, not so magical as magicians and not so risky as trapeze artists, but it is a lovely act which always makes people smile and feel affection towards them."

Maybe, we'll find a writer in the class!

See you soon!

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Virginia ha dit...

See what you've done to your BLOG. Maybe you have published music your are not allowed to or there might be another problem. Check, please!

Good and interesting purposes!! Keep going!

Here are your language problems...
-This is my new English (CAPITAL LETTER!!) blog!
-I'm going to INTRODUCE myself.
-I'm a 19 year(0) old GIRL (WO)
- And that's WHAT I'm going to do this year, IT DOESN'T MATTER if I will do it in another language.
-Let's (0) talk about my hobbies
-writing ON my own page
-I WOULD like to encourage my partners to write posts often and TO WRITE comments TO EACH OTHER.
-I like listening TO music
-I will recommend HIS song TO YOU, IT is very melodic.

Susana ha dit...

What's the problem with this blog?I can't understand...
But doesn't matter. Carry on practicing your english. It's a great idea!

irene ha dit...

I like Dido a lot! :) And your new blog too. It's a good idea making a blog in another language... I ask myself if one day I'll know enough Polish to do it.

Well... I'll visit your blog often :)

Lots of kissesssss!