dijous, 16 d’octubre de 2008


After, I've read the article of tattoos, I've to say that one thing is very clear and nobody talks enough about it: tattos are so painful! That's a really important point of this historic fashion.
We usually follow some kind of social tendencies that are incredibly damageable: hight-heeled shoes, earrings, piercings (horror films too),...
Maybe it's mainstream because we feel special with this kind of complements but although they could help our ego, don't we think that they are detrimental for our body? The human's nature don't want to feel uncomfortable. However, our mind loves it in our society. I've earrings since I was born but I couldn't like the idea of having another one because it'll involve a needle! I don't want to see a needle if it isn't really necessary.
Finally, I would like to defend changes. I like innovation and new fashions too but sometimes we need to be sensitive and follow our nature.
Am I wrong?

Tell me please what you think!

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Virginia ha dit...

Good points! I have two daughters whose ears were not perforated when they were born. A matter of principle and my own beliefs prevented me from doing so. Now, one has 4 or 5 earings in each ear. The other one has none!

See my comments:
-We USUALLY (I think you mean a frequency, here) follow some kind of social tendencies
-because we feel(0) special
-DON'T we think that (careful with plural and singular verbs!!!)
-The human(0) nature DON'T want to feel uncomfortable. (I'd consider "The Human Nature" a plural noun too, just like "people")
-TELL me please what (0) you think! (Indirect question!!)

You left a message which is not clear to me. Can you rephrase your message, please? so I can understand.

Please, disable word verification for comments. It saves my time. Thanks!

Sand in my shoes ha dit...

Big mistakes! Thank you!

Sand in my shoes ha dit...

I have to refresh indirect questions too :)

Sand in my shoes ha dit...

Maybe, earrings are like baptism, we have to led our children to choose.