dissabte, 18 d’octubre de 2008

My life without me

Ann is a 23-year-old mother who cleans the university at night and lives in a trailer with her husband and her two daughters.The story takes place in Vancouver (Canada). Ann has a bad relationship with her mother, she has one single workmate who's obsessed with diets, a father in prison,... The spectator may think that she's sunk with this life but she seems happy, she's used to coexist with this situation.

One day, Ann is diagnosed with a terrible cancer. 
However, she decides to be strong and to face death calmly. Ann is going to die but she isn't going to cry because she hasn't time. For this reason, she doesn't tell it . She keeps her secret for her. Nobody will know it until the end when she won't be able to hide it. So she makes a list of things that she wants to do before she dies; one of them, very controversial for American public, is to have an affair with another man. In spite of it, Coixet doesn't judge her act! "Why couldn't do it?".-she defends in a interview.-"She has to experiment with it"

My life without me isn't a weepy film as it could be expected. Concentrated, delicate, intensive and incredibly human, Isabel Coixet has written a deeper story about death and life too. The script is full of moments of beauty with great phrases that help us to stop our ways and think a little about our integrity.

I recommend you it if you haven't seen yet!!

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Virginia ha dit...

You write very well! so, do not worry if I don't correct all your posts. I read them! but sometimes it is impossible to update corrections. You are too many and fortunately you are all very productive!!

This is the only thing I'd change:
"My life without me" isn't a weepy film AS IT could BE expectED.
-The script is full of beautIFUL moments OR "MOMENTS OF BEAUTY".

By the way, I loved this film too!

moonligt shadow ha dit...

I saw this film and I can only say one word: it's incredible.
I cried a lot and I recommend to everyone to see it!

Susana ha dit...

It's a really good film (in my opinion the best of Coixets's). It shows us the best way of confronting death. And, although dealing with death, it's not a too tearful film.Everybody should see it once at least.