dimecres, 29 d’octubre de 2008

Rain in my shoes

Today it has been a raining day, so I'm going to write something about it:

The rain always sounds. It's not music but it could be a rhythm.
The rain often changes your mood: there're some people who like it and there're who hate it.
Personally, I hate cold water, wet shoes, frozen toes and fingers.
However, I love listening to rain when I'm lying in my bed as I am in this moment, with clean sheets, after having a hot shower.
Besides, I like the raining aesthetics: puddles, gumboots, raincoats,...and specially, umbrellas.

I'm fascinated by umbrellas for many reasons. They are a classic complement that it has never changed. Maybe they should, I don't know. Moreover, in general they have bright colours and patterns. That's why they are objects that don't have to follow any fashion. People usually wear muted colours, so with an umbrella, there's a nice contrast.
Umbrellas have a curious form. It's a half sphere but ¡t's empty. Nevertheless, it's a dynamic structure. One day, my Renaissance's teacher opened an umbrella to explain the Brunelleschi's cupola of Florence's cathedral. You could understand it better with a picture:

That was a funny anecdote but it was a really illustrative class too.

Umbrella also opens the door to our imagination: movies like "Singing in the rain", coreographies, and my favourite romantic scenes!!

I love the image of a couple kissing under an umbrella while it's raining. The umbrella becomes a perfect shelter. There's nobody more in it, only the two lovers. I think is once and for all a magic picture. Last year, I used to paint lots of couples. I show you one of my creations:

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irene ha dit...

I love your creations and I also love umbrellas. It's like a dance of colours under the rain... :)

Virginia ha dit...

Do not worry if I don't correct all your posts, my dear "Sand in your shoes". I do my best! As I told you you have to look for native spaekers of the language too, to come to your blog and write comments. This requires real interaction and an effort on your part. As I told you I read your work and whenever is needed, I comment.

Here they go:

-The rain often changeS your mood
-and there're SOME/PEOPLE who hate it.
-I love listening TO the rain
-they have bright colours and PATTERNS.
-It's a half sphere but IT's empty.
-One day, my Renaissance's teacher opened an umbrella TO explain(0) the Brunelleschi's cupola of Florence's cathedral
-AN umbrella also openS the door TO our imagination

I LOVED YOUR LITTLE TEXT! A clear example of an active right side of the brain! I didn't know we had an artist in the class! Little by little... I keep discovering.