divendres, 17 d’octubre de 2008

Nursery Rhyme

My father used to repeat the first phrase of this Nursery Rhymeto me . He found it really funny, and I don't know why!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away
Apple in the morning - Doctor's warning.
Roast apple at night - starves the doctor outright.
Eat an apple going to bed - knock the doctor on the head.
Three each day, seven days a week - ruddy apple, ruddy cheek

I eat an apple every day (it's my snack)! Should I worry about my health? I like this fruit because it's sweet and crunchy. Besides, it cleans my teeth. I also love Snow White's tale. When I was I child my dream was having Snow White's character in a play. I specially like the moment of the apple's bite. And this dream became true!

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Virginia ha dit...

About your friend as easy as leaving a comment on my BLOG. "The Crow" is already on my Blog List. Thanks for telling me.

I said yesterday in class to leave a comment on my blog if your name did not appear on the list after publishing. So, do not worry! JUST DO THAT!

My language comments:
-My father used to repeat the first phrase of this Nursery Rhyme TO ME. (WO)
-Should I (0) worry about my health?