dimarts, 28 d’octubre de 2008

Black and white

Today, I don't have time for doing an essay about my view of Barcelona. So, I'm only going to do a little comment about the film that we saw yesterday in class. My teacher of "Audiovisual languages"at the university said us that Manhatan of Woody Allen it's special because it's a black and white film. This movie had been created in 1979, although the colour on the screen appeared during the thirties! That's why nowadays "black and white" is a cinematographic option but it always has a reason. In this case, at the begining of the story the narrator explains us the reason of this choice. For him, New York continues being a black and white city. He wants to reproduce a postcard of his favourite place. We can also detect it in his way of compose the image: central and balanced. Moreover, the case of the movie seems a postcard too: a couple lying in a bench in a romantic landscape near the bridge.
Maybe, he wants to recover the classic New York because he idolizes it.
Look at this sentence and you could possibly understand it better:
" This was still a town that existed in black and white and pulsated to the great tunes of George Gershwin".
I like this approach, I think it's really interesting and innovative. Perhaps, we could find the cause of this great idea in the genius of Woody Allen!

PD: If somebody would like listening "Rapsody in Blue" of George Gershwin I add you the song. Personally, I love it!

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Rip Van Winkle ha dit...

Thank you for your recommendation on Ródtxenko, Sandy.

Visual languages are vry rich, sometimes more tha oral. It's something that has been abandoned, but I remember befor I fell asleep how we could say for hoe a person moved or acted what this person meant!

Manhattan is a masterpiece. For me Woody Allen is quite irregular I love some of his films and I detest others. The last one "Vicky...whatever..." is simply a waste of time and money. A marketing operation and that's it, an empty artifact for empty minds, but I see in some blogs that some empty minds like it.

I think Manhattan in black and white is a creation with a classic intention from the begin. A film well thought and prepared.

Carpe Noctum!

Sand in my shoes ha dit...

I agree with you with Woody Allen. I also found his last movie very mediocre. However, I liked it. It's weird.
One thing is really funny. You call me "Sandy" but my nick name is "Sand in my shoes". You've made a mixing of my first two words "Sand-in"!

Virginia ha dit...

Thank you for your good wishes!
I'm not feeling very well this morning so, I'll go to the doctor in a while. See what she says! You'll know.

I'll come back soon, with some comments to your language

Rip Van Winkle ha dit...

Hello again Sandy!

I thought that Sandy was a cute name for you! If you do not like it, tell me I will invent another!

By the way, I do not think Manhattan is mediocre, I think it is a masterpiece and one of the best of Allen's films.

About Gershwin, I have never understood the "contemporary American musicians" too much dissonance without be enough baroque!

Carpe Noctum!

Sand in my shoes ha dit...

I like "Sandy" rip van winkle. It's cute, of course. It's the name of one of the main characters of "Grease", a nice musical.
Virginia, we'll expect that your pains will gone away soon.
I'm scared with your comment "I'll come back with some comments to your language" ! :)