diumenge, 19 d’octubre de 2008

Carl Honore and his "Slow Movement"

Just a little comment about the video of Carl Honoré who has made me think. I completely agree with him. Time scares us, so what does we do? We rush more and more. Slowness it's a virtue in our society. He says "less can be more" like minimalists and that's true! In general, we're speedaholics, stressed and rushing towards next task every moment. I'm bored with the phrase "I don't have time". We have it!! We only have to find it.

There's a song called "Relax, take it easy" from Mika that it talks about it.

Slow down please! And explain a lot of bed-time stories to your child (I loved how he praised bed-time stories)!

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Virginia ha dit...

Nice ans short! Well done!

Just a few things:
-I AM bored WITH the phrase
-that it talkS about it.