diumenge, 8 de març de 2009

Lemon Tree & Etta James

This post wants to do a music reflection but before starting, I would like to talk about labels. In class, I have been given the label of "the cinema expert girl", and I'm sure that's not true. In fact, I've no idea about the most important movies in the history! I only like watching films but most of them are commercial films, so maybe I'm not a real movie buff. If you have been reading my blog, you could see that I talk about everything, well, about artistic things but I don't care if they are related to painting, music, cinema or literature. Undeniably, I love art and I can't hide my passion, so I'm sure most of the members of my class knows who I am. It isn't a secret.

Today I would like to talk about different a kind of musical impressions. I'm going to put two examples to explain it. In music, I think you could find a great song that moves you but then, if you look for other music of the group songs, you would realize that you don't like his music.
That happens to me with "Lemon Tree" by Fools Garden. "Lemon Tree" is a song by a German pop band from the album "Dish of the Day" wich was released as a single in 1995 and became an international hit in 1996. I think it's great because it has a rhythm that give goose bumps.
The same experience has happened to me with "I want to make love to you" by Etta James, recorded in her album called "At last". Of course, they have different styles but I'm making generalizations. But the powerful voice of this American blues, soul, gospel and jazz singer and songwriter gives me put goose bumps too. This song has been written by Willie Dixon and in 1996, with the Etta James's version became popular in the UK. So, what is the difference? I think if I listen all the Etta James's discography and I will like all her music (I have done it more or less). That's the difference of a great hit and a great singer/group!!

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Virginia ha dit...

It is true that we sometimes give labels to people without thinking too much. I'd say, in your favour, that you are a wonderfully versatile, thoughtful, sensitive and deep person. I love to read your posts, now even more that I've added a face to your writings... Thank you!

See some comments:
-I've BEEN GIVEN the label of "the cinema expert girl"
-If you have been readING my blog,
-I'm sure ((0), YOU DO NOT NEED "THAT" HERE") most of the members of my class know(0) who I am.
-I would like to talk about A different kind of musical impressions.
-if you look for other music of the group SONGS (WO) (I THINK YOU REFER TO THE SONGS, RIGHT? NOT TO THE GROUP!)
-that GIVE goosebumps.
- jazz singer and songwriter GIVES ME goosebumps too.

irene ha dit...

I totally agree with you! Sometimes I love a song and, when I listen to more songs from the band, I don't like them at all! It's a pitty...

Lots of kisses!