dimecres, 19 de novembre de 2008

Some comments about Cristopher

"And I kept my eyes closed and I didn't look at my watch at all. And the trains coming in and out of the station were in a rhythm, like music or drumming. And it was like counting and saying "Left, right, left, right, left, right,..." which Siobhan taught me to do to make myself calm. And I was saying in my head, "Train coming. Train stopped. Train going. Silence. Train coming. Train stopped. Train going"... as if the trains were only in my mind.

I really like the main character of "The curious incident of the dog in the night-time". In spite of his problem that today I'm not going to talk about it, I think he's a nice boy. He pays atenttion to everything, every detail. Maybe he could be so weird, but in fact, we should follow his way. For instance, who whatches carefully the patterns that there are everywhere in our lives? There are a lot of beautiful little things that we don't usually see but they exist, and they could make us vivacious.

I like the book so much. I think the writer, Mark Haddon, has managed to be the voice of the character, and he explains us perfectly his point of view. I think it's a great book for this reason. It's not easy to do it.

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Virginia ha dit...

Well done!!!
I'm glad you are enjoying the book, drawing conclusions with challenging "food for thought".

This is a nice little text. Well written with challenging structures but have a look at some language comments:

-Maybe he could be so weird, but in fact, we should follow his way. (I THINK THESE TWO SENTENCES NEED REPHRASING. THEY ARE NOT CLEAR WITHIN THE CONTEXT.)
-who whatchES carefully the patterns that there are everywhere in our LIVES? (IRREGULAR PLURAL!)
-they could MAKE US feel vivacious.
-and HE explainS (0) PERFECTLY, (WO "perfectly" is an adverb, thus it modifies the verb, not a noun.) his point of view.

Sand in my shoes ha dit...

I would prefer to not rephrase this two sentences because I don't want to explain with details the plot of the story. I just want to do a little comment about some ideas I've thought while I was reading. Maybe, there're some classmates who hasn't read the book yet.

Virginia ha dit...

Good deal!
I'm looking forward to reading your comments on different blogs and your own writings too!

irene ha dit...

Hey, Laia!

I'm reading this book now, and I enjoy it a lot! I'm reading it in Spanish, but I think that reading it in English would have been a great idea.

I would like to speak about this book with you, so one day we could meet at "Cafeteca" and talk about it :) Or at home or in the street, but I'd really like to go to Cafeteca with you...

Lots of kisses! Have a nice week! And this Saturday... Jamboreeeee! :D