dimarts, 18 de novembre de 2008

A man's world!

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Virginia ha dit...

This is the way to go! Short, stimulating and persistent. Congratulations! I really like your little pieces! But it seems to me that you need a final sentence to round this piece off. What do you think?

See my comments:

-IS IT a man's world?
-WOMEN are improving their situation.
-as WELL as racist
-It's our mind that (0) hasn't changed.
-How many times have YOU HEARD "No, that's a question FOR my wife, tell her"?

Sand in my shoes ha dit...

I'm sorry!!!!!I don't know what have happened but I delete my post and now, I can't repeat...Moreover,I've correct my mistakes!
I would like to say that I wanted to write an opened post. I would like that people answer me with the final question. I don't know.