dijous, 4 de desembre de 2008

Dharma Bhadur and an another Everest record

Today I've heard a chocked item of news. We could see it as good news, or as bad news I think:

This year, we have had the world's oldest climber ofEverest. However, a Nepali helper has had to pay a big price for it. He has lost most of his fingers and some toes. With seventy-six years, Sherchan has become the oldest men climbing this charismatic mountain. That's great, I know but maybe he didn't realised that he has been helped by a heroe.
When the champion was celebrating his record, Dharma Bhadur was in a hospital where doctors amputated the fingers on both his hands as well as toes on his right foot. Sure, I don't doubt his good intention of this guide that took off his gloves during the ascent to help Sherchan put on his clothes.
On the other side, how can he compensate his lost? Where is the reward?

Definitely, I think this mountaineer has been so selfish. Now, he will appear in the history books but I can't stand the idea of making a disabled person who can't works now. Because guiding mountains, for Nepalies is the only way to survive.

I recommend you two websides for look up more information about it:

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Rip Van Winkle ha dit...

Thank you for your comment Sandy! Your post to me is another prove of the way white people behave in a postcolonial world. We think that money gives us the right to act in a selfish way. There are firts class citizens of the world and second or third class poeple.

Beautiful picture!