dimarts, 9 de desembre de 2008

Painting clouds in a canvas

Have you ever contemplated the sky and have thought: "I've to draw it"?

In the history, there have been some artists who has thought about it. Dahl is one of them. He insisted on the thorough study of the nature.
Johan Christian Clausen Dahl (1788-1857)is a Norwegian romantic painter who has revolutionized the landscape paintings of the XIX century. He belongs to "Dresden School", where the most important painter was the romantic Friedrich. I'm sure you've heard about him. However, I think that his real master was the nature.
Of course, Dahl's oeuvre has many types of landscapes: marines, with shipwrecks, moonlight scenes, pastoral idylls at sunset, ... but I only want to talk about his landscape studies. He's one of the pioners of open-air in the early 19th. He did little outdoor oil sketches of the sky, in different moments of the day because he wanted to explore carefully the changing processes of nature.

So, today I'm going to recommend something really absurd:
look at the sky!

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iron maiden ha dit...

Seeing these cloudy landscapes and with the cold and rainy day we have today I am happy to be home with the heating up and with a warm tea with milk reading your blog. ;)

Sand in my shoes ha dit...

Your comment is so charm!

Marie Curie ha dit...

I like the clouds, and specially I like the days it rains, I think that these days is when the human get nearest to the nature and it's a very special emotion for me.

I love feeling the drops touching my face and they slip untill your chin and finally they fall. It's a very "sensual" feeling.

I'm very grateful that you have posted this, I would never have the idea of writting something about clouds.

Rip Van Winkle ha dit...

Thank you for sharing this beauty. I knew about Caspar David Friedrich and I met him in person, but these pictures you are sharing with us are really deep.

Thank you Sandy.

Carpe Noctum!

irene ha dit...

I don't think it's absurd. When I look it I'll think of you ;)

J ha dit...

Com que vas dient por ahi que no ens llegim el teu blog he pensat que em passaria per aqui i vec que hi han mes comentaris que a fondue didees! XD
Es curiós per que just aquest matí he mirat el cel, y estaba ple de nuvols densos com un mar de crema bruta ficat cap per avall, y a sota hi havia un sol arbre fent un contrast brutal mb les fulles daurades y he pensat "Haig de pintarho!" NO ES BROMA! Y no es un pensament que tingui molt sovint. Mes ben dit, no el tinc mai, per que no se pintar gaire bé. Així que es una coicidencia molt gran tot plegat.
Efectivament, després de pensar que havia de pintar el cel (y de estarmhi una estona fixantmhi) mhe enrecordat de que no se pintar y he abandonat la idea.
Excuse me for not replying in english. I am very tired, you see, and my mind doesn't work very well, so I'd better shut this thing off and go to sleep right now.

Wilson ha dit...

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