divendres, 12 de desembre de 2008

Weird pills

About the article Taking herbs "helps depression" by Sinead Garvan on the Nicenet:

Today I'm a bit skeptical about alternative medecine. Two years ago I would have said the opposite. I've gone to alternative therapist and they have given me different kind of weird pills (they were made with natural products). In that moment, I believed that with that medication I would be better. Then, I had an argument with a good friend about it. He said me that those pills were a placebo. Maybe I disagree with him but I have to admit that in some things, he was right. In general, the power of our mind can heal us in the little health disorders like headache, backache, sorethroat, hair loss,... I'm sure about this in spite of sounding esoteric. However, after this talk, I didn't change my mind.
Suddenly, one day I realised that I hate consuming any kind of pills: you're ingesting something that will react to your body, but it can't help your own natural process because the fact is artificial!
Today I've a little job in a health food shop. I can't share their mentality but I like listening to their budist and philosophical stories. I know, it's contradictory but it's life!

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Rip Van Winkle ha dit...

Hi Sandy,

I understand how you feel. Traditional medicine is very dominant and the industry behind it is extremely powerful. How many times our traditional doctors give us placebos or the kind of medicine that is supposed to be good for everyone, while what we need is something specific for us?

On the other hand if your brain wants to cure your body you have more possibilities of getting well.

I still remember the natural medicines the Indians used before I fell asleep. I wish I could have them now!

Carpe Noctum!

Virginia ha dit...

Here you are with another bit. The constant writer! Well done!!!

Here are my comments:
-Today I'm a bit skeptical ABOUT alternative medecine
-the power of our mind CAN heal (000) little health disorders like headache...
-I can't share their mentality but I like listening TO their budisT and philosophical stories.