divendres, 12 de desembre de 2008

Do you smile at strangers?

"My landlord's fiancee never locks her house door. And
when the two of them go to Florida for the winter, she leaves her car unlocked,
with the keys inside!"

I've read an article in a blog about the distrust of people. It's a delicate topic. Two weeks ago I realised that I didn't have my change purse. What I had to think: did I lose it? or has someone stolen it? I haven't the answer because I didn't notice anything. However, I could do two things: be distrustful all my life or live more carefree than I was. I've chosen the second option because I think we have no choice. Don't get me wrong, I'm only saying that we have to trust each other. We live in a social world, we need people to survive. Ok, that's right, there are really cruel people: thieves, rapists, killers, hijackers,... it take all sorts! But who wants a life without comunication? Nobody. Who wishes to be cut off?
I love having any kind of relationship! with my familly, with my friends, with shop assistants and I like also with strangers. In some cases, I'm scared, of course. But then, after talking to them, I feel proud.

So, what do you think about it?:

1)Do you think that we have to be cautious in every moment?
2)Do you think that we have to trust strangers?
I would like to say goodbye with some music:
Today I've discovered two nice songs in my memory. They were hidden long time ago but I've rescued. Would you like to share them with me?

Going to a town by Rufus Wainwright