divendres, 5 de desembre de 2008

The revolution of electronic paper

Do you know something about one of the most revolutionary inventions?

In the future, we won't read a book, we won't write in a notebook and of course, the embarrassing newspapers will disappear.
I've heard about it because I know people who like computer issues but I can't understand it yet. How will we write? Technicians say that you could write but it's a screen! We can't write words in a laptop if we haven't a keyboard.
There's already a Plastic Logic's factory in Dresden that produce electronic newspapers.
I completely agree with the huge waste of natural resources that we are doing with the paper industry. It's one of the arguments of scientists. However, I can't imagine myself without a pen in my pocket and a loaded folder in my rucksack. Could you do it? We have been born in the society of paper in spite of technological evolution.

Soon, I'm going to write an article about a painter fromDresden but this is another story.

Please! Post me comments if you have something to say! I will appreciate your voice!

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Rip Van Winkle ha dit...

Hi Sandy,

The future is right here. Technology is unstopeable. Paper or not paper is another issue. It can be paper it can a stone or a piece of clay. Technologies simplify many things and let us do things we couldn't do before. But humans feel attached to physical objects. For really important things a those objects that we consider parts of us and our life I still see some kind of touchable entity to rely on!

Virginia ha dit...

Dear "Sand",
You get comments when you write comments yourself. Do you know that? So, your last sentence claiming desperately for comments needs your own effort too. Write comments, and you'll get them back!

I really love the topics you choose, even though today you just prompt us. You give us "food for thought" without going deep into the topic.

If you had spell-checked your text, you'd have found a couple of spelling mistakes:

-revolucionary - REVOLUTIONARY
-ruksack - RUCKSACK

Then, I'd say:
-one of the most revoluTionary inventionS?
-In THE future
-I know people who LIKE (CAREFUL WITH THIS ONE!!!)
- loaded folder in my ruCksack
-We have BEEN born in...
-Soon, I'm going to WRITE an article...
-a painter FROM Dresden

Please, correct!

somesketch ha dit...

I completely agree with you in the sense we sometimes waste paper, but on the other hand I'm a pen-notebook lover too, so yes, they are two difficult things to mix. But we'll find the middle!

Wizard ha dit...

Hi Sand,

I think that it doesn’t matter how people read or write in a future, the mostimportant it’s that we need that people read or write, the way it’s a second place.
In any case, if this new invention can help to salve our planet……welcome the future ¡¡¡

iron maiden ha dit...

What an interesting article “Sand”.Sometimes we read so amazing news about the future.
I had never had a blog and I think it is a wonderful tool for improving our English.Don't you think that?
I'm really getting addicted commenting articles and also writting in my blogg.